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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs, news: Can the Surface Pro 5 be on par with Apple's MacBook Pro?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs, news: Can the Surface Pro 5 be on par with Apple's MacBook Pro?

On the other hand, Windows User-Mode Components, a processor mode where a majority of applications and some drivers for Windows OS run, lost nothing to its popularity among cybercriminals. Reports suggest that Windows 10 Cloud is a much-simplified version of its predecessor Windows 10. Despite its name, Foley said it has nothing to do with the cloud.

Windows 10 Cloud is nearly definitely on the way, given that it is already present in Windows 10 Creators Update test builds and with the Creators Update being readied for mainstream users in the coming months, it's likely we'll hear more as 2017 develops.

According to Windows Central, the Microsoft Surface Phone running full Windows on ARM will be seen more as an ultramobile PC though it requires to be a smartphone too. A few sources reveal that it's slated for release in April. However, if recent rumors are to be believed, this may just be the phone screen size of the suspected Microsoft device as, reportedly, the Surface Phone will be one innovative product from Microsoft that is capable of expanding its screen size to become a tablet.

According to Microsoft research, almost 50 percent of the typical Windows user's time is spent surfing the web, with a significant amount of that time spent doing nothing but organizing and sorting through search results, sites, and other content.

Microsoft has always struggled to find a place in the smartphone market, dominated by several giants and operating systems popular with users (iOS, Android ...).

Windows 10 is about to get another major upgrade thanks to a new release from Microsoft. In fact, any move of this sort will need to be communicated and calibrated far better than Windows RT ever was. It is rumored to run only universal Windows apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store. Part of the reason for the failure of that OS was the lack of Windows Store apps relative to Windows' extensive back catalog of legacy desktop apps.

But in Windows 10, with its integrated cloud-based services such as Cortana and OneDrive, Gartner's Kleynhans thinks Microsoft has the basis for building a simple-to-use and always-online OS.

Now, the company is releasing the Windows 10 Game Mode to try out for users now.

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