The Bachelor: 5 Takeaways From Season 21, Episode 6

Alexis, Danielle L., Danielle M., Jaimi, Jasmine, Josephine, Kristina, Raven, Vanessa and Whitney were called for the group date, much to all of their relief, which meant that (surprise!) Corinne and Taylor would be together for the two-on-one. "Basically, I'm a helper", Taylor says. It's nearly like she has a premonition of what's to come.

Coming into this episode of The Bachelor, we were expecting a whole bunch of awkward moments from Corinne, but then Taylor and her master's degree in psychology stole the show in terms of pure cringeworthy cluelessness. There is no tension or cattiness with Alexis, she is just fun.

It's human nature to be jealous and stressed when two-dozen or so other women are vying for the heart of your future husband.

"I'm colorful", Corrine told the camera when complaining about Taylor in Monday's episode.

Even Jasmine, who scoffed at the idea that a little girl named May was haunting the mansion, and Raven, who declared, "I did not sign up to be part of the Ghostbusters", were left shrieking when books and ceramics fell from a table, an occurrence Jasmine blamed on the fact she had tried on May's hat. Alas, it seems Nick might not feel the same way, as Danielle won the night's haunted house/Beauty and the Beast-themed rose. AWK.

"She was one of the easiest ones to talk to", he added. They just sadly shove her off to the last two minutes of the episode rather than using her throughout. "So i'm going to school her", Corinne said before the huge Taylor blowout. "Yes, she took it to the limits, most of it is fake".

Following a boat trip through the marsh, Nick, Taylor, and Corinne encountered a voodoo priestess and a tarot card reader and relied on the mystical expertise of both to sort through their respective ~energies~. While Taylor repeatedly tried to take the high road, Corinne used every chance she had to undermine her nemesis to win the affection of Nick Viall.

Then she interrupted Nick and Corinne's dinner.

And that pretty much captures the maturity level and substance of the two-on-one date. Corinne isn't going to pretend like she's something that she's not. Her antics are making her stand out from the rest and she keeps on getting through the eliminations. Corinne responded, "I'm intelligent in my own way". She means it too.

Corinne isn't just confident with her body, but with her "emotional intelligence" and her relationship with Nick.

One-on-One Date: Rachel's smile was the flawless antidote to Taylor's grimace and Corinne's s-t-eating grin.

Yes, of course, Rachel makes it to New Orleans, and she gets the chance to charm Nick in person. She knows she has an upper-hand in some things and won't hesitate to brag about it. Because of Corinne's encounters with the other women and her feud with fellow contestant Taylor Nolan, the show did not make it to the rose ceremony on the previous episode, so we will catch up this week.

We watch as a group of adults, who know they are on a television show, get spooked by lights flickering.

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