Tom Brady Opens Up About His Mother's Illness

Tom Brady's biggest - or littlest, depending on how you look at it - is gearing up for the big game! Two years ago, the two quarterbacks played each other in the Super Bowl.

"I don't think he needs to do any more, " said Troy Aikman, the Hall of Fame former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. That would be the cherry on the pie. Cramer commented that Brady "wants to make the commissioner look bad".

The numbers alone make it hard to build a case against his candidacy.

No quarterback in the history of the game has sustained that kind of success over a longer period of time.

Catch Tom Brady and the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons when Super Bowl LI airs Sunday, February 5 on Fox. The main opponent in a conversation about Brady being the GOAT is usually Joe Montana from the 49ers. "And everybody should be fine with that".

Basing a quarterback's worth on the number of Super Bowl wins has always been a flawed measuring stick. "That's just been the guy who I've answered that question with".

Brady's situation is different. "And most of us who went to multiple Super Bowls, we pretty much had our same core".

"It's awesome", Patriots running back James White said earlier this week when asked about Brady.

To deny Brady and possibly the best head coach ever in Bill Belichick, the credit they have earned is childish in so many ways. And I myself am upset to officially admit this - Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever put on an National Football League uniform.

Love him or hate him, there's no disputing that for the last 16 years, he's been the gold standard at the quarterback position. "Screw you, Tom", Harrison remembered saying.

A bit of inside baseball, as it were: Mr. Schatz and I exchanged emails after the Falcons won the NFC title, and from his response to my contention that the Falcons' defense has improved - he averred that the Patriots' defense had improved even more - I got an idea how he was leaning.

Here's what will hurt Brady: losing for a third time to make his Super Bowl record 4-3.

"I think five Super Bowls is better than four. I have a big group coming". He's taught me everything about life. I started liking Manning when I was a young kid, he was winning, he was a role model, he played for this upstanding high-class organization. I don't talk a lot. This year, that theme is Deflategate, and that really seems to be a theme that fans have rallied around.

"Yeah, it's personal with my family", Brady said at this week's news conference.

However, some genius over at TMZ decided, hey, let's CSI that pic to see if there are any top secret Patriots game plans on Brady's wrist band.

Last night, Brady announced Galynn's arrival with an Instagram picture of himself and his dad giving her a kiss.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Brady will be at the Super Bowl.

"It just feels like it's very much still ongoing", said Brady, 39. He was ahead of his time, but a trailblazer doesn't equal the greatest by default. I still want to keep playing.

The great ones never stop trying to be great.

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