ARM announces new CPUs and GPU at Computex 2017

Cortex A55

Cortex A55

This time, ARM is offering vendors with a single, mixed-up cluster composed of both big and little clusters, up to a maximum of eight.

Big.Little is ARM's architecture which combines high-end CPU cores with low-performance but energy efficient cores on a single chip as an effort to enhance performance and battery life at the same time. But for typical CPU usage tasks, the new processor core offers up to 20 improvement in performance, much like the Cortex A75. ARM is promising a 50 percent boost in performance compared to the older A73 core, which should lend itself well to machine learning processes that run right on your devices. There's a new GPU announced as well, the brand new Mali-G72 succeeding the G71 core announced previous year. The Cortex A55 has been called the "most versatile high efficiency processor". ARM also introduced the G72 GPU that will likely be paired with the new cores inside of many SoCs like Huawei's HiSilicon do today. So with the Dynamiq technology, the developers can now customise a single cluster into pairs of 4 plus 4, 1 plus 7, 2 plus 6, 1 plus 3 and many more variations. It is also optimised to provide an efficient performance for Machine Learning, says ARM.

ARM has arrived at Computex 2017 with a couple of new smartphone processors that it has developed with the express goal of powering artificial intelligence-based solutions on mobile devices.

The Cortex A75 core is not just meant for smartphones as there are a number of large screen devices that could use this powerful chip, like Chromebooks and convertibles.

The new Mali-G72 graphics processor has been designed from the ground up for high-fidelity and power-consuming mobile gaming.

DynamIQ, explained ARM product marketing head John Ronco in a phone interview with The Register, represents "a new way of combining CPUs together and giving more configuration options in how they're implemented". ARM has claimed that the ARM Cortex A75 is up to 22% better than the last years' Cortex A73. But, as it is in the list of ARM's new processors, the company says that it is nearly 2.5 times more power efficient than the A53 one.

The Cortex-A75 claims to offer 16 percent more memory throughput than its predecessor as well. The next generation will be the Cortex-A55 and A75. But it's the fact that the new chip designs will be 10 times more configurable, with up to 3,000 different configurations, that will allow chipmakers far greater flexibility to make the majority by tailoring them to specific tasks. There's also 17 percent better machine learning efficiency. ARM has also improved performance density by up to 20 percent.

The Cortex-A55 delivers sustained performance for a significantly longer duration compared to today's Cortex-A53 solutions.

These new designs should start appearing in mobile devices by the end of this year.

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