Brexit takes center stage as Britain's election battle continues

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn takes his case to Scotland to try to win back voters

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn takes his case to Scotland to try to win back voters

"The vote for any other party would be a vote for a weak and failing Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by a coalition of chaos which would risk our national future".

Kantar interviewed 1,196 people online between April 20 and 24.

The Communists will not field any general election candidates for the first time in its history and said it would be approaching local Labour parties "with offers of practical campaigning assistance" ahead of the June 8 poll.

Labour believes the strict rules governing broadcasters during elections will help them to shift the focus to their policies - which internal polling suggests will be well received - rather than seeing everything through the prism of Corbyn's leadership.

He acknowledged that Britain could not remain in the single market under current rules if it wanted to end free movement of people, but suggested that the European Union could be open to changing the rules.

He said: "Freedom of movement has to go and therefore it will have to change, but we must have immigration that works for our communities and for our economy".

The former prime minister admitted Labour is on course for a thumping election defeat in the General Election on June 8.

Britain's opposition Labour Party said it would retain the option of staying in the European customs union and confirm the rights of EU nationals in the United Kingdom to stay in the country.

It's extraordinary that the Prime Minister feels unable to face a direct television debate with the leader of the only other possible government that could come out of this election.

He said a Labour government unilaterally guarantee the rights of European Union citizens living in Britain "on day one", and would seek to ensure the rights of British nationals living in the EU.

"This was a proposal included by the Mayor of London in his Brexit White Paper and it is one a Labour Government will take forward".

Labour has to campaign on holding government to account on Brexit, says former United Kingdom prime minister.

Labour would prioritize "retaining the benefits" of the single market and its tariff-free customs union.

He said the prospect of staying in the EU customs union - which would severely restrict the prospect of independent United Kingdom trade deals - should be part of withdrawal talks.

"My strong advice would be to make a virtue of saying: Let's make up our minds when we see what deal Theresa May gets; she should get the best agreement for jobs, trade and prosperity and put all the options on the table in the negotiation", Blair wrote.

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