Cyber should be wake-up call for govts

70% Of ATMs In India Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks, Thanks To Outdated Windows Version

70% Of ATMs In India Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks, Thanks To Outdated Windows Version

Ransomware is a type of wicked and malicious software that takes over the system of a computer.

Anyone any individual or organization that has deployed the latest Windows Update will have a fix in place.

In March, Microsoft unveiled a patch to address the issue, but several users are yet to have their systems updated. It appears to have hit first in Britain, where it effectively shut down parts of the National Health Service. The U.S. has had some malware infections from WannaCry, but the effect has been limited. Experts were ascertaining whether it was the same malware virus behind the world's biggest ransomware attack. Now, the Navy is shifting towards the use of Windows 10. It's not clear why Windows XP machines may have been skipped.

The flaw in Windows behind a huge cyber-attack affecting organisations around the world, including some United Kingdom hospitals, can be traced back to the US National Security Agency (NSA) - raising questions over the US government's decision to keep such flaws a secret.

"It would be deeply troubling if the NSA knew about this vulnerability but failed to disclose it to Microsoft until after it was stolen", said Patrick Toomey, a lawyer working for the American Civil Liberties Union. Till now they received more than $25000. Weidman said that the malware spread so quickly because of its ability to perform remote code execution and because it was deployed as a worm.

"There are so many states that have been affected". Corporates use sync mirror backup, which is useless against ransomware. Cybereason watches for the start of encryption activity and immediately stops it. And apart from that, there are five other cases. Those secrets may have been used to launch WannaCry. Some of the victims have reportedly regained access to their files after paying, although security experts advise against complying with ransom demands.

David Atch, CyberX Labs' vice president for research, said he believes some of the sites he's found are especially vulnerable because utilities tend to run older systems that can't updated or patched. The news agency did not reveal the name of the business.

Cyber risk modeling firm Cyence estimates the potential costs from the hack at $4 billion, while other groups predict losses would be in the hundreds of millions. There are almost 150 million computers running Windows XP operation system globally. She pointed out that while internal users may need access to the data on those devices, someone on the internet shouldn't.

Here are the steps to prevent your computer from the attack, as reported by CNET.

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