'Windows 10 is only OS safe from WannaCry', says Microsoft

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Could Spark Lawsuits- But Not Against Microsoft

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Could Spark Lawsuits- But Not Against Microsoft

It was no grand technological feat perpetrated by genius hacker masterminds. He also blasted the way government agencies have handled sensitive security disclosures.

And that, in fact, is a piece of good news.

What is so special about this malware is that it does not need any user interaction to propagate. Here are five steps that can do it. The attack, according to The Verge, focused on Windows 7 or Windows XP operating systems.

Windows automatically updates itself for security and bug fixes unless otherwise instructed, which means the vast majority of WannaCry infections should have been preventable. Instead, it stockpiles many vulnerabilities.

On Sunday, Microsoft's Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith censured the US government and stated the cyberattack demonstrates the risks of spy offices "stockpiling" these security flaws in the form of weapons.

In its latest update about the ransomware attack, Europol's European Cybercrime Center said it had tested a "partial solution developed by Benjamin Delpy, Matt Suiche and Adrien Guinet" and found that it was able to recover encrypted data on some victims' systems.

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith criticized the NSA for this in a blistering blog post. A lot of pronouncements from various people and entities saying this is a "wake-up call".

"The exploit technique is known as HeapSpraying and is used to inject shellcode into vulnerable systems allowing for the exploitation of the system", the firm said in an advisory. "They are pushing them out because of malicious and strong vulnerability". Files leaked by Shadow Brokers last month, resulted in this vulnerability becoming public.

Technology giant Microsoft reportedly had the chance to release a free security update to counter the quick spread of the WannaCry ransomware but did otherwise. The company was lauded for doing that, because it made the patch available to anyone running XP, even though XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. But it should not be just a one-off; it should be standard operating procedure. "At some point, organizations which don't update or patch their software even in the face of a steady stream of security threats can't expect their suppliers to fix things for them".

Perhaps the most frightening statistic that Trend Micro found was that in one in five cases, even when the company paid the ransom, they were unable to recover their important files - indicating that the ransomware service is not quite as robust as it should be.

People and companies should return to the basics of cyber security to protect themselves from threats such as the WannaCry ransomware attack, experts say.

Having systems in place as to how often data is backed up is crucial; the more often you back up, the less data will be lost and the sooner your firm can get back to work with minimal loss. Windows 10 was not affected by the WannaCry attacks. "Most have heterogeneous IT environments with critical applications; they can not roll out a patch until they have tested it to make sure that there are no unforeseen side effects". Automating updates and patching through your system can also help. They do this because they have tools vital to their operations that will only run on these older operating systems.

It's been only a week since WannaCry ransomware hit the news, infecting about 300,000 devices in 150 countries worldwide, but it looks like cyber criminals have no intentions to stop the rage. The problem isn't just that the government doesn't enforce piracy laws. Why healthcare? Simple, healthcare systems are the most diverse and heterogeneous networks and typically use software and systems which are geared towards saving lives, whereas security tends not to be an initial consideration.

While individuals are hit by this worm, worse hit are businesses.

A study by the BSA Software alliance found that in 2015, 70% of all software in China and 64% of all software in Russian Federation wasn't properly licensed.

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