Amazon's next Echo speaker will reportedly focus on audio

Amazon's next Echo speaker will reportedly focus on audio

Amazon's next Echo speaker will reportedly focus on audio

Download the update for your Edge Sense app and see for yourself how you can intuitively launch Google Assistant, new feedback animation, and more. It also can't do everything that that Google's bot can do, and numerous things it can do are already well handled by the Google Assistant. If you have updated your HTC phone with the latest Edge sense OS, you will get this new Amazon's Alexa assistant on your phone. Alexa simply offers more skills users can benefit from.

The HTC U11 launched in June with Google Assistant as its primary artificial intelligence service, though the promise was that at a later date we'd receive Amazon Alexa as a secondary choice.

Over the past couple of years, digital assistants have become extremely important and also quite popular, offering users an intelligent way of interacting with their devices.

The U11 can't do everything that the Amazon Echo version of Alexa can, however, such as play music from Spotify or Pandora, or set an alarm or reminder (we'll dig into the full feature list at a later date).

But the U11 also has another trick up it's sleeve: starting today, it's the first smartphone with an integrated, hands-free Amazon Alexa assistant.

HTC Alexa
Amazon's next Echo speaker will reportedly focus on audio

That might sound appealing, but as I've tested the U11's Alexa assistant over the past week, the practical use of it doesn't live up to its promises. The new HTC Alexa app, however, works like a charm.

Amazon reportedly is working on its next-generation Echo smart speaker with changes expected in the exterior design of the unit, as well as its overall technical performance, according to Engadget.

Unlike the Huawei Mate 9s implementation, HTC Alexa can use your location to find nearby places, unfortunately, it still wont tell you the weather in you actual location.

If you prefer to launch Alexa manually, you can now choose to launch it with a squeeze or squeeze and hold using the Edge Sense technology on the HTC U11. Unlike Google Assistant, Alexa can't control items on your phone like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, can't give you directions to things that open up Google Maps, can't transition to showing you things on the screen and perhaps most importantly can't let you just type to it. After the Amazon Fire Phone failed spectacularly it looked like Amazon might not be able to compete.

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