Beyonce Snags the No.1 Spot on Billboard's Highest Paid Musicians List

See how much money Bruce Springsteen made in 2016 (hint: it's a boatload)

See how much money Bruce Springsteen made in 2016 (hint: it's a boatload)

Her recent Formation Tour, which ran worldwide from April. 2016 to October 2016, racked in the most coins at a whopping, $54.7 million.

It's a whole $20 million more than second placed Guns "N Roses - who generated $42.3 million, with $40 million coming from their 'Not In This Lifetime" tour.

Only better past year were Beyonce ($62.1 million) and Guns N' Roses ($42.3 million).

No shame in Drake's touring haul - $13.6 million in road receipts is pretty considerable.

Queen Bey jumped up from not being on the list in the previous year, while between album cycles, to first - though that should come as know surprise given the 35-year-old artist's critically acclaimed and highly personal "Lemonade" visual album.

Drake came in at a comfortable forth place cashing in a hefty $37.3million (£28.7m) thanks to his streaming successes, royalties and his Summer Sixteen Tour last summer with Future.

The global icon is also one of just six artists on Billboard's list to net more than $1 million within each of the categories that Billboard used to calculate the artists' total earning amounts: sales, streaming, publishing and touring.

Kanye West finds himself rounding out the Top 10 of the Money Makers list at the No. 9 seed.

In 2017, the tour upgraded to stadiums which will surely land Bieber high on this year's list of earners, which will be announced next year. Bryan clocked $27.3 million dollars in take-home earnings while Chesney took $25.4 million. Twelfth on the list is Rihanna, who earned $22 million in 2016, followed by Future who made $17 million.

You can see the full Billboard list here.

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