France gives pride of place to the USA for its Bastille Day

Some world leaders have decided that when dealing with President Donald Trump flattery will get you everywhere

Some world leaders have decided that when dealing with President Donald Trump flattery will get you everywhere

France marked it's Bastille Day in Paris with a musical military parade on the Champs Elysees avenue, bringing United States president Donald Trump's visit to an end while more sombre commemorations took place in Nice.

Tributes have been flooding in to the 86 lives lost on Twitter.

France is a country, so to celebrate its national holiday, Bastille Day, it puts on a huge military parade.

French and American fighter jets are flying over Paris' Champs-Elysees avenue to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the USA entry into World War I.

U.S. troops, some dressed as First World War-era "Les Sammies", opened the procession.

In their first meeting at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in May, Mr. Macron crunched Mr. Trump's knuckles in a show of power he said was deliberate to underline how he wouldn't be intimidated in their talks. The youngest president of modern France - and the same age as Donald Trump Jr.

"My handshake with him, it's not innocent", Macron said.

"We will respond with the merciless fight against terrorism. while also preserving our values, our state of law, the love of freedom and the memory of those who loved freedom fiercely that July 14 evening".

The Nice attack wasn't the first to hit France, nor the last.

Earlier, the French leader elected in May bestowed awards, including the coveted Legion of Honour, on emergency workers and police who responded to the carnage. His protectionist stance on trade has also set him adrift.

President Donald Trump was returning to the US after two days in Paris at the side of Macron, who moved on to a somber memorial for victims of the carnage.

The two men hugged at the end of the speech.

"They shook hands for an extended period of time".

Despite their differences on climate change and trade, the two leaders focused on their close cooperation against IS in Syria and Iraq.

Trump made no remarks at the conclusion of the parade, but he returned the kindness in a statement released as Air Force One flew back to the US.

"Together, we will eliminate their safe havens, end their financing and eradicate their ideology". The wide boulevard has been targeted repeatedly by Islamic extremists, most recently last month when a man crashed his auto into a convoy of gendarmes.

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