Kate Middleton Flaunts Cleavage in Lacy Dress With Daring Neckline

Kate in the pink Marchesa gown with plunging V-neck

Kate in the pink Marchesa gown with plunging V-neck

The string quartet at the banquet-the largest event Buckingham Palace throws each year-reportedly mixed some modern selections into its repertoire, including Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and Adele's "Skyfall", which we can only imagine was a byproduct of this being Prince Harry's very first state banquet in his official role. Kate donned the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara that once belonged to her husband's mother, Princess Diana. Princess Diana received it as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth in 1981, The Telegraph reports. And by the look on Kate's face during the dinner, she might agree!

Diana used to say it was so heavy it gave her headaches!

Kate's Marchesa gown could be her most plunging one yet!

But it was Queen Elizabeth II's statement Bandeau Necklace that nearly stole the show entirely with its opulent diamond and ruby design bought from the jeweller Boucheron in 1907 by society figure Lady Greville.

Arriving to the event in a auto alongside her husband, Prince William, Kate was also spotted wearing pearl-drop earrings and a King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Bandeau diamond and ruby necklace, borrowed from the Queen, according to The Daily Mirror Royal Correspondent Victoria Murphy.

Kate also owns a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings that were once worn often - and loved dearly - by Diana.

Letizia also wore an impressive diamond tiara, which was a wedding present from King Alfonso XIII to his wife Princess Victoria Eugenie, who became Queen Ena of Spain - the great-grandmother of Felipe and also an ancestor of Elizabeth II who was the most elegant woman of the dinner.

The royal's complexion was correspondingly immaculate and her make-up looked the epitome of polished. And, oh yes, this evening marked one of the latter, as the British royal family opened up Buckingham Palace for a state banquet, this year in honor of the visiting Spanish head of state.

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