McDonald's giving away free ice cream cones this Sunday

Here's the scoop: 5 ways to get free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day

Here's the scoop: 5 ways to get free ice cream on National Ice Cream Day

That's because those redeeming the offer in the app between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time will be entered for a chance to win free soft serve for life.

Guests wishing to enjoy a free Vanilla Cone need only download the McDonald's mobile app and redeem the Free Vanilla Cone offer on July 16 to enjoy this delicious cold treat. So many ice cream cones to eat, so few hours in a day.

The victor will receive a golden arches cone, and will be able to get one free cone weekly for 50 years.

To honor the Game of Thrones seventh season, Madison Kitchen in Larchmont is launching the "Game of Cones" challenge, a seven-week Instagram competition featuring a different Bona Bona ice cream flavor paired with a Great House for every new episode. Along with the sweet giveaway, McDonald's will gift one victor with free soft serve for life, which comes with the snazzy gold "Golden Arches Cone" trophy pictured above.

The manufactured holiday usually falls on the third Sunday of each July, making it a particularly sweet day for ice cream fans.

On Sunday, Whole Foods is offering a special promotion where customers can buy any two Ben & Jerry's pints for $6. Ice Cream Weekends are being celebrated all month at the park in Kirtland, where you can get close to dairy cows and learn how the ice cream is made. Canine visitors at participating PetSmart PetHotel spots on July 16 will receive free Doggie Ice Cream Sundaes.

"Vice Cream: Call the Vice Line", a long-form, two-minute online video that features an empowered, millennial female leadeating Vice Cream and talking about the brand in an unexpected and entertaining way, makes no apologies for the decadent flavor combinations and ingredients in Vice Cream's eight flavors of premium, real ice cream.

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