Trump admin considering new sanctions on China over North Korea ties

Trump admin considering new sanctions on China over North Korea ties

Trump admin considering new sanctions on China over North Korea ties

US President Donald Trump is reported to have recently grown increasingly frustrated with Beijing's alleged unwillingness to pressure Pyongyang harder.

China generally blames the United States and South Korea for worsening tension with their military exercises.

The sanctions being prepared would leave larger Chinese banks unaffected but would deny smaller firms that do business with North Korea access to US markets. He called out the "nearly 40%" increase in trade in the first three months of the year on Twitter last week.

The DMZ dividing the Korean peninsula is one of the most heavily fortified places in the world, and nearly all defectors to the South go to China first - where they still risk being repatriated if caught - and then on to a third country before travelling to the South.

President Trump has been putting enormous pressure on his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to take action against Kim Jong-un.

China's trade with North Korea rose more than 10 percent during the first half of the year despite pressure from the United States for Beijing to put further pressure on its troublesome neighbor. In the meantime, the US State Department named China as one of the worst offenders in human trafficking and forced labor, partly over forced laborers from North Korea.

Tensions rose after North Korea's test this month of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the United States mainland.

Its Foreign Ministry has urged a halt to what it called the "China responsibility theory" with respect to North Korea, declaring all parties needed to pull their weight.

"So much for China working with us - but we had to give it a try!" he added. "They've had numerous wars with Korea".

"The sanctions imposed by the [United Nations] are not a comprehensive embargo", he said.

However Chinese officials have previously expressed their disdain for North Korea's provocative actions.

Sanctions are also the measure with the greatest potential to rankle Beijing, which considers unilateral sanctions a violation of national sovereignty and fears the economic disruption that sanctions might cause.

China insists none of its current trade with Pyongyang is in violation of worldwide sanctions.

"Make no mistake, the Security Council's sanctions on [North Korea] can not be equated with all-encompassing economic sanctions".

Notion that China is to responsible for failing to force North Korea to stop provocations is based on ulterior motives, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman has argued.

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