Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16232 ISO images available now

Ubuntu on Windows

Ubuntu on Windows

Build 16241 includes mixed reality improvements, update delivery options, password reset and more.

Getting ready to enable external developers with our new Motion Controller: in this flight, we are one step close to get external developers enabled to develop with our new Motion controller.

Users can recover accounts by receiving a verification code via email, SMS, and phone call. Just click the "Reset password or "I forgot my PIN" link and you'll be prompted to go through the appropriate process, after which you will be returned to the login screen where you can use your new credentials". The Acrylic Material will show up in any XAML based UI and apps and will be seen in this build (16241) and higher.

If you're wondering why consumers can't just download Windows 10 Mobile, well, most Windows Phone 8.1 phones don't support the new system. It will also be incorporated into Xbox One. In Task Manager, the company redesigned its new GPU performance monitoring and changed how Microsoft Edge's processes are labeled. The name for each GPU will be shown on the left-hand side of the tab, a new total GPU memory text counter has been added and the default multi-engine view will display more information like 3D, Copy, Video Encode and Video Decode engines.

The teaser also showed changes to the Task Manager, shell, gaming, mixed reality and delivery optimisation improvements.

There's been a bit of confusion recently concerning what exactly is happening with the LinkedIn app for Windows phone, but it looks like its upcoming retirement is now official. Users will be able to configure how updates are delivered, limit the impact the updates have on their system and provide an overview of the monthly quota that has been met.

While the current effective king of the hill in Windows 10 Mobile terms would be HP's Elite x3, the sole handset being offered by a carrier is the far more mid-range Lumia 650 handset.

Microsoft is releasing the first ever Windows Insider build for Windows Server.

Delivery optimisation tech is used by Microsoft to download content from a Windows update and Windows Store and now they're giving the users the power to customise the amount of bandwidth that can be used by these downloads in the background. According to the company, over 300 million people now use Windows 10 every day for more than 3.5 hours a day on average.

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