A look inside the White House construction

With Trump on Vacation, a Sprucing Up for the West Wing

With Trump on Vacation, a Sprucing Up for the West Wing

Workers are upgrading the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and IT systems as well as making a number of cosmetic changes.

Crews have stripped the Oval Office, laid new carpet, spruced up the paint and carried out other renovations. He will move from his suburban New Jersey golf club on Sunday to spend time at Trump Tower in New York City. Not only did the channel help launch Trump's political career by giving him a constant platform to push his birther allegations under President Barack Obama, but Fox News today functions as his most important media ally and works diligently to obediently spin his messaging. Walls that once held photos were bare as moving pods were stationed on West Executive Drive between the West Wing and Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Storage containers lined the driveway.

Outgoing Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave reporters a tour of the White House on Friday, showing some of the around-the-clock fix work. Politico said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn't immediately return requests for comment.

As President Donald Trump enjoys a 17-day working vacation in New Jersey, the West Wing of the White House is undergoing extensive, around-the-clock renovations.

Cranes were positioned in front of the South Portico.

The fact that Fox News's former boss, and a longtime Roger Ailes ally, would even be considered for a top White House post is telling and rather disturbing.

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