Belgian chicken meat sent to Africa likely contained Fipronil - Egg traders association

Egg-sasperated Brussels ministers arrange high-level meeting over egg scandal

Egg-sasperated Brussels ministers arrange high-level meeting over egg scandal

The European Commissioner in charge of food safety has called for a meeting of ministers and national regulatory agencies to discuss a widespread European contamination scare, which has seen shops remove millions of eggs from sale.

He referred to several media reports on the issue of contaminated chicken eggs with fipronil chemicals in the Netherlands recently.

On Wednesday, Belgian Minister of Health Denis Ducarme said that the Dutch authorities knew about fipronil in eggs back in November 2016, but failed to inform European Union partners about it.

"The highest measure recorded was 0.1 milligrams (0.000003 oz) per kilogram (2.2 lb), or more than 10 times less than the highest measure recorded until now in Belgium", AGES said. Processed food products are likely to have been affected, including salads and sandwiches made by Sainsbury Plc, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s Asda.

Experts say the risk of getting sick from eating an egg tainted with Fipronil is low. Fipronil is often used on dogs and cats to treat fleas and ticks.

Since 20 July, millions of eggs have been destroyed or taken off supermarket shelves.

"The Health Ministry is always sensitive about things that can threaten consumers' health".

Illegal use of an insecticide has affected eggs sold in the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland, France and 12 other European Union countries.

The first reports of suspected cases in Austria last week involved eggs that had been processed overseas and imported.

Fipronil, classed by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization as a Class II "fairly hazardous" pesticide, has been confirmed in foodstuffs across 17 European countries from the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom, and also as far away as Hong Kong.

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