Bill adding abortion reporting requirements on path to governor's desk

After three weeks Texas legislators have little to show for their efforts

After three weeks Texas legislators have little to show for their efforts

Along with passing the "sunset" bills, Abbott ultimately added 19 other items to his special session agenda, including property tax legislation, school finance measures and a "bathroom bill" that would restrict the bathrooms some transgender people could use.

But according toMy Statesman, Rep.

But the Senate's brisk pace has tilted the balance of power to the House in the remaining days of the session, where Speaker Joe Straus has never voiced support for Abbott's full list.

More sweeping legislation on the same issue, North Carolina's House Bill 2, tarnished that state's brand when it was passed into law previous year. Many House Democrats tried to amend the bill to include exceptions for rape, incest or fetal abnormalities. He did the same thing during the regular session as well.

As Rep. Moody explained, "this is an opportunity to get a head start" on next year's legislative agenda.

State Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, said the $1.8 billion originally included in the lower chamber's bill, House Bill 21, set a "false expectation", but said he'd continue to work with his counterpart in the lower chamber, state Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston.

Supporters of the bill said increasing penalties for mail-in ballot from "slaps on the wrist" would deter people thinking of engaging in election crime.

But the main author of the bill, Republican Representative Ron Simmons of Carrollton says he's not giving up. Instead of reconciling over the governor's 20 proposed issue areas, it seems the inter-chamber stubbornness that led to Abbott calling a special session in the first place has only intensified since the July 18 kick-off.

Long tied up in committee, the bill advanced out of committee Thursday and is expected to surface for a floor vote.

Democrats staunchly opposed the bill arguing that it focused exclusively on enhancing penalties for criminals and did nothing to tackle the heart of the problem: a mail-in ballot application system that was too easy to cheat. Law Enforcement officials and others have made clear that these bathroom bills are a solution in search of a problem - in fact, worse, because they create problems where there were none.

The special session began on July 18 and must end by August 16, 30 days after it began. Currently, voters can petition for a rollback election if their municipality raises their effective tax rate higher than 8 percent. Brandon Creighton, a Conroe Republican who sponsored the Senate version of the insurance coverage legislation. "We're not", Rep. Dennis Bonnen, the Angleton Republican who chairs the Ways & Means Committee, said last week. The House wants to increase how much the state spends per student, increase how much money is divvied out to educate bilingual children and students with dyslexia, and make other changes. "You've got to pass a bill so you've got something to negotiate on".

What do they think - or at least say they think - they are they doing?

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