Bollywood gives overwhelming response to film 'Toilet: Ek Prem Katha'



Keshav (Akshay Kumar) is 36 and unmarried. The morning shows of the film suggest opening day number would be in the range of Rs 11 to 12 crore, however, there might be a possible jump in night shows. 'Jolly LLB 2' was the first film of the "Khiladi" actor released this year. Later, the Prime Minister also tweeted about the film. Jaya (Bhumi Pednekar) is against the idea of defecating in the open so she left the house after that Keshav realises his love for her and he decides to put toilets in the whole village.

You don't always need lovely locations, inflated budgets and a complex story to make a good film.

"Toilet: Ek Prem Katha" is a romantic comedy which also touches upon the subject of open defecation.

Divyendu Sharma played the role of Akshay Kumar's brother. So I just suggest you all, watch it once because it is worthy. Akshay plays Keshav the husband whose father believes in every superstition and religious occult in the book. The actress-turned-author, took to Twitter Thursday to give her verdict after watching "Toilet - Ek Prem Katha".

To begin with, the film has a very simple story woven coherently around characters that look extraordinarily real.

While initially the Central Board Of Film Certification let the line go thinking it is more an individual comment than a comment on any caste or community, it was soon brought to light that the seemingly casual line secretes a caste bias. Toilet is an important film exclusively because it addresses such a basic issue that has been veiled under the lace of social embarrassment.

Director Shree Narayan Singh is hopeful about the film since it tackles social issues in a comic way driving through an important message for the viewers.

Ayushmann Khurrana - The promo of the film is looking really good.

Unfortunately, that intention and all its positives are completely overshadowed by its cringe-worthy keenness to bow and scrape before the present government and its head, an aspect of the film that lingers as much as its pluses because all the obsequiousness is packed into the latter half of the latter half. Other songs are situational and flow well with the narrative.

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