Engagement ring found around carrot pulled from the ground

Mary Grams had given on up finding her ring until it turned up on a carrot

Mary Grams had given on up finding her ring until it turned up on a carrot

Grams, 84, told CBC News that she believes she lost the ring in 2004 while pulling weeds from a garden on her family farm.

When she was washing the carrots she noticed the ring and spoke to her husband, Mary's son, about what she had found.

Alberta had lost her ring in gardening, in 2004.

"I feel relieved and happy inside", Grams said Tuesday from her home in Camrose, southeast of Edmonton.

Grams has had the ring since 1951, a year before she married her husband.

"I'm going to wear it", she said, "because it still fits".

But this week, 13 years later, she found her ring miraculously "growing" around a carrot in her garden.

The Grams family were tending to their vegetable garden when Mary's daughter-in-law, Colleen, pulled up a big orange carrot with the tiny ring still attached. In what seems like a real life version of the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, a woman named Mary found her lost diamond ring on a garden carrot.

The missing ring remained a secret until earlier this week, when her granddaughter brought over a freshly-picked carrot that had an ornate ring encircling it. It was pretty weird looking. She checked with her husband who recounted the story of the ring his mother had lost years earlier.

Now that she has it back, she said she will be more careful.

She shares, "I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law because no other women have lived on that farm".

It turned up this week on her family farm, fit snugly around a recently-uprooted carrot.

Grams's husband died just a month after the couple's 60th wedding anniversary, and while it's been five years since his death Grams is not letting her engagement ring go again.

Mary, meanwhile, is switching from her hastily-bought replacement to the original.

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