EU Sanctions Russians Connected to Transfer of Gas Turbines to Crimea

EU imposes Russia sanctions over Siemens Crimea turbines

EU imposes Russia sanctions over Siemens Crimea turbines

Russian Federation reacted angrily Friday after the European Union expanded its sanctions over the transfer of Siemens gas turbines to Moscow-annexed Crimea, calling the move "hostile".

It pointed to "global energy trends" sapping demand for its gas turbines and related products, and to "volatility" in orders for offshore wind turbines to explain the drop in orders.

Russia's foreign ministry also denounced the European Union move as "unfriendly and unjustified" and called the reasons for the imposition of a fresh round of sanctions "absolutely unsubstantiated". The latest additions complement a blacklist that already contains 150 people and 37 entities subject to an asset freeze and a travel ban over the turmoil in Ukraine.

Cherezov is in charge of provision of sustainable energy supply and development of the fuel and energy complex of Russia's Southern Federal District, namely the Crimea, Sevastopol and the south-western region of the Krasnodar region. He was responsible for leading the negotiations with Siemens, the European Union said.

"These sanctions consist of an asset freeze and a travel ban which will now apply to a total of 153 persons and 40 entities while the measures were introduced in March 2014 and were last extended in March 2017 until 15 September 2017", the EU Council added.

The EU, like the USA, has refused to accept Russia's 2014 annexation of the peninsula, which came alongside Moscow's wider intervention in eastern Ukraine to back pro-Russian separatists. The proposal includes Siemens' Russian contractor, Technopromexport.

The German government has expressed anger over the "completely unacceptable" turbine delivery to Crimea and pressed Siemens for answers.

The legal acts, including the names of the persons and the statements of reasons for listing them, are available in the EU Official Journal of 4 August 2017.

Other EU measures in place in response to the Ukraine crisis include economic sanctions targeting specific sectors of the Russian economy, now in place until 31 January 2018; and restrictive measures in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, limited to the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, now in place until 23 June 2018.

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