Google CEO hosts 'town hall' after controversial gender memo

Former Google engineer James Damore said he shared the 3,300-word memo internally a month ago

Former Google engineer James Damore said he shared the 3,300-word memo internally a month ago

Damore apparently had been offered interviews by a number of major United States media outlets, however, appears to have chosen Molyneux for his apparent pro-male, pro-white, anti-feminist views.

In the 45-minute exchange, that you can view below, Damore reveals he penned his 10-page manfiesto after attending a Google diversity program that he found "secretive" and "shameful".

Google this week fired the author of the controversial memo, which argued that women are not as prevalent in jobs like computer programming in part because they are more susceptible to "neuroticism".

"I went to a diversity programme at Google, it was ... not recorded, totally secretive", Damore told Molyneux. "I had some discussions there, there was lots of just shaming, and "No you can't say that, that's sexist" and 'You can't do this, '" he said. The first tweets about the post by other Google employees began Friday, though a company spokesperson said the document appeared to have been created weeks earlier.

Damore apparently penned his dossier on a 12-hour flight to China back in July and it leaked online over the weekend.

Dozens of women have come forward accusing the tech-giant of gender discrimination.

The meeting will be held by Google CEO Sundar Pichai and is scheduled to kick off at 4pm PT, according to Business Insider.

"There may be a lot of negative responses in the public".

"Unfortunately, the disclosure of this manifesto and release of recent diversity numbers by a number of tech companies, serve as further reminders that the very companies that aim to lead us into a connected future, maintain work environments that mirror America's less inclusive past", they continued. "And then they just think, 'OK, it offends people, therefore it's wrong and therefore it's an 'opinion'".

"I don't really identify with alt-right".

A leak from Google over an anti-diversity manifesto, written by a Google engineer, last week suggested that the company should halt initiatives aimed at increasing gender and racial diversity within the company and instead focus on "ideological diversity".

It is also expected that Damore himself is preparing a lawsuit against Google over his dismissal. "It was only after it got viral that upper management started shaming me and eventually firing me", Damore says.

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