Google Improves Collab Tools in Sheets, Slides, and Docs

Google Improves Collab Tools in Sheets, Slides, and Docs

Google Improves Collab Tools in Sheets, Slides, and Docs

The updates include improved versioning tools, the ability to quickly preview a clean version of a document, accepting or rejecting all edits in one go, and an option where Google can suggest document changes. You can also create your own template with a built-in add-on. Assigning custom names to versions of your document helps keep a historical record of your team's progress and can help communicating when a document is actually final.

Both functionalities can be accessed in the Select Tools Tab in the review suggested edits option.

With these latest updates, users can now accept or reject all editing suggestions at once when working in Docs. Select File Version history Name current version. From the Tools menu, you'll be able to choose to preview the document as it would look with all edits either accepted or rejected, which should make for a simpler reading experience for someone looking through it for the first time.

Users can now suggest changes in a Doc from an Android smartphone, Apple iPhone or iPad. The changes and new features should already be live, so fire up Google Docs if you'd like to take the new features for a spin. Lastly, with regards to version control, you can use the Litera Change-Pro and Workshare addons to compare documents and review relines instantly. Templates help save time on formatting and add-ons bring customized functionality.

Google is also introducing a more refined template menu, allowing users to select from a list of templates packed with additional add-ons, like the DocuSign Add-on.

One of the great things about Google Docs is that it is a pretty collaborative platform, where it allows users to work on documents together at the same time and to see the changes reflected in real-time.

Finally, G Suite Business and Enterprise customers can now use Google Cloud Search in Docs and Slides via the Explore feature. You can now name specific versions of documents, making them easier to identify.

Several new updates pertaining to version history have landed in Docs but not Sheets or Slides. Now Google just needs to reduce the amount of memory G Suite apps require.

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