In the Antarctic found a unusual discovery

В Антарктиде ученые обнаружили удивительную находку

В Антарктиде ученые обнаружили удивительную находку

Cape Adare, at Antarctica's northeastern tip, was an important landing site and base camp used by early Antarctic explorers.

And just such a cake has been found in Cape Adare, East Antarctica, by the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

"The cake probably dates to the Cape Adare-based Northern Party of Scott's Terra Nova expedition", the trust said.

Though, according to employees of the Fund, the tin box in which lay the dessert was in pretty bad shape, the pie looked and smelled "almost like edible".

The Antarctic Heritage Trust is now carrying out conservation work on the huts that would have been vital shelter for early expeditions, focusing on the Cape Adare area, the north-easternmost peninsula in East Antarctica.

The cake, identified by the tin it was still in, was made by Huntley & Palmers, a well-known British biscuit company from the time Robert Falcon Scott undertook his ultimately doomed Terra Nova expedition of 1910 to 1913.

It has been documented that he took this specific brand of fruitcake with him. Researchers began investigating the building in 2015. Lizzie Meek, conservation manager for artifacts at the trust, told National Geographic in an email.

After discovering the cake, conservators performed procedures to restore it, including rust removal and taking measures to stabilize the paper wrapping and tin container.

"Deacidification of the tin label and some physical fix to the torn paper wrapper and tin label was also carried out", the Trust said.

The cake was found among other artifacts in a building at Cape Adare, the first buildings erected on the continent.

Not just any sweet but a very special century old delicacy?

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