Japanese THOR: RAGNAROK Trailer Sheds Light on Doctor Strange's Role

Chris Hemsworth as'Thor

Chris Hemsworth as'Thor

"I sense a great change in your future".

According to the post credit scene, it has been clear that Doctor Strange will help Thor in finding Odin.

Now, a new Japanese trailer for the film has revealed that alongside the Hulk, Thor will be sharing screen time with another Marvel superhero. "Destiny has dire plans for you, my friend", odd tells the God of Thunder in the trailer, to which Thor responds, "I have dire plans for destiny".

With Thor: Ragnarok coming this November, French vehicle company Renault has put out a new commercial for the Brazilian market featuring Marvel Studios' The Hulk battling a rogue satellite. While it's possible unusual is referring to an encounter with Hela which will play out in Thor: Ragnarok, it seems entirely possible odd in planting a seed for something larger. In that scene, odd expresses concern about the threat Loki poses to Earth before agreeing to help Thor look for Odin.

Of course, the ever-confident Thor responded, "I have dire plans for destiny".

Admittedly, that happens quite frequently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since we know this adventure will most likely lead directly into the events of 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, could Strange's words about destiny not even really apply to Thor: Ragnarok?

Today, Marvel's Japanese social media accounts posted their localised trailers for Ragnarok, and while most of the footage included is exactly the same as what we've seen before, there are two key differences that make the the Japanese versions better.

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