Leak Reveals Open-World Action RPG Starring Furry Creature And Grasshoper

THQ Nordic making open-world post-apocalyptic kung-fu action-RPG called Biomutant

THQ Nordic making open-world post-apocalyptic kung-fu action-RPG called Biomutant

Enter BioMutant, a brand new open-world Action-RPG from THQ Nordic and independent developer Experiment 101.

According to IGN, the choices that players make in terms of mutations and bionic enhancements will affect how their character plays, allowing for multiple playstyles and plenty of replayability.

EVOLVE YOUR GAME-PLAY: You'll be able to recode your genetic structure to change the way you look and play.

You can find out more on the official site. If you want to stick to hand-to-hand combat and then shoot your way through the next fight, go for it. Catch it all in THQ Nordic's Gamescom video below.

NEXT LEVEL OF CRAFTING: Mix and match parts to create your own unique single- or double-handed slash, crush and pierce melee weapons.

It offers an underworld and a small solar system, by foot, mech, air-balloon, jetski and UFO. The third was not explicitly mentioned, but the worlds are "systematically generated".

What do you think of BioMutant so far? THQ Nordic's next game will be called Biomutant. The Tribes stand divided, in need of someone strong enough to unite them or bring them all down... However, the original ad did suggest that the game will come out sometime early next year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If all of the above won you over, a collector's edition will be available for $119.99 which features a copy of the game, the OST, a figurine, A1 artwork on fabric, and a premium box.

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