Leaked Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Reveals Yoda in Space Battles

Epic Looking Star Wars: Battlefront II Space Battles Teaser Trailer Leaked

Epic Looking Star Wars: Battlefront II Space Battles Teaser Trailer Leaked

Also present is Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator and Yoda's zippy little Jedi Starfighter.

The new trailer, which has leaked a week before the planned reveal at Gamescom 2017, teases the wise and powerful Force user piloting his very own fighter during a space combat.

The more we see from Star Wars Battlefront II, the more it looks like EA is really trying to listen to player feedback.

EA and Dice promised to show Star Wars Battlefront II's space battles at next week's Gamescom, but have chose to get us warmed up with a new trailer.

The trailer of Battlefront II's Starfighter Assault trailer had been leaked last week and now the company has officially made the trailer public.

The Starfigher Assault mode starts intense, as we see a fleet of Rebel starfighters going in on a Star Destroyer.

The above trailer, which does show off actual gameplay (but without the HUD) is so filled with nuggets and easter eggs you may need to watch it multiple times. In Star Wars Battlefront II's new Starfighter Assault mode, players can live out their ultimate Star Wars fantasies by becoming an ace pilot in epic space battles set across authentic locations from all three cinematic Star Wars eras. As per reports, an open beta version of the game will make its way to the devices in October.

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