Mapped: US and Allied Missile Defenses Against North Korea

Kim Jong fires missiles

Kim Jong fires missiles

The commander of the North Korean army made more threats Wednesday night, saing they will have a plan to fire on Guam by the middle of this month.

The analysts also asked aloud how North Korea had been able to get its hands on so much military technology and the capacity to build nuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In response to North Korean missile tests, the USA military has tested its missile defense system in May, and multiple times in July, although they later admitted one had failed.

Luckily, the USA and Japan have tremendous missile defense capabilities, to include U.S. and Japanese guided-missile destroyers, an Aegis rader missile defense site on Japan, and finally a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system in Guam.

"President Trump has said all options are on the table and the government welcomes that policy". The administration has put the vast majority of its diplomatic efforts toward pressuring China to rein-in its wayward, and arguably unpersuadable, ally Kim Jong Un.

In South Korea, a recently deployed THAAD missile defense system would not be able to intercept a launch toward Guam but could quickly detect the launch on its radar.

If the missiles make it past Japan and approach Guam, the THAAD system on the island would be able to pick them up and target them in their descent phase over the ocean. "However, right now, Secretary [of State Rex] Tillerson, Ambassador [to the U.N. Nikki] Haley, you can see the American effort is diplomatically led, it has diplomatic traction, it is gaining diplomatic results".

But Mistry said the focus should now be on getting out of the shouting match.

But Mount said Pyongyang's threats to launch multiple missiles at Guam could be a deliberate action to call the United States' bluff on missile defense.

Pyongyang then said it was working on a plan to fire four ballistic missiles simultaneously in an enveloping fire around Guam, a key USA military stronghold.

If any of the four long-range missiles successfully made it through U.S. defense, Mount said, it would be a huge victory for the rogue state.

President Trump's "locked and loaded" remark on Friday - part of his ongoing exchange with the North Korean regime - might have set the world more on edge.

The cornerstone of his plan, however, is a call for the USA military to call off long-scheduled joint exercises with South Korea, like the one set to begin in just a couple weeks. "As a result, asking to do that for the first time, if it does, great", he said. Several Japanese warships also have the Aegis system.

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