Samsung Galaxy Note 4 refurbished batteries get recalled due to overheating concerns

LG wants people shout at V30 for unlocking

LG wants people shout at V30 for unlocking

If there was any doubt about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's features or specs, a leak posted to GFXBench on Tuesday of the benchmark test run appears to provide significant confirmation.

In a case of awful timing - Samsung's about to promise that the Galaxy Note 8 won't be as explosive as the Note 7 - FedEx Supply Chain is recalling more than 10,000 batteries (some of which were counterfeit) it sent out with refurbished Galaxy Note 4 phones, because of an overheating issue.

Apparently, phones refurbished via FedEx Supply Chain and sent out via U.S. carrier AT&T's insurance program, were refitted with counterfeit batteries.

"The batteries are non-OEM, which means they were not supplied as original equipment by the phone's manufacturer, Samsung".

The device is said to carry a non-removable 3,300 mAh battery that users can charge either wirelessly or via a C-port USB.

The company urges owners to immediately stop using the recalled battery and power down their phones. There's no word on FedEx Supply Chain came to obtain these counterfeit batteries, but it clearly wasn't intentional.

However, before you go comparing this to last year's Note 7 debacle, you should know that this time it isn't Samsung's fault. However, memories from that confusing and messy era have resurfaced with today's recall of over 10,000 Galaxy Note 4 batteries.

Samsung's flagship smartphones commonly launch in a variety of colors and thankfully, the looks to be no exception. At some point, the shipping company got a batch of "counterfeit batteries", which they put into the refurbished devices and shipped as replacements to those filing claims through AT&T. Apparently, FedEx was handling phones for AT&T's insurance program.

Instead, the issue lies with Galaxy Note 4 batteries that were supplied by FedEx Supply Chain. If you do meet this criteria, it still doesn't mean you have a counterfeit battery. FedEx Supply Chain says it will directly contact customers.

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