Trai floats consultation paper on data privacy, ownership

India's Digital Economy Not Doing Well in Creating Infrastructure TRAI Chairman

India's Digital Economy Not Doing Well in Creating Infrastructure TRAI Chairman

Replying to a specific question on Apple not supporting the Trai's app, Sharma said that "be it any store, my basic question is who has the right over that data.and can a third party.a store owner.limit my right on data that is my property".

Meanwhile, Sharma said the issue of users' right over their own data is distinct from privacy.

Once the process is completed, TRAI will issue recommendations to the telecommunications department, which, in turn, will take a final decision on implementation. "At the same time it is also important to consider the additional challenges that arise in the context of "big data", which is commonly characterised by features such as the high variety, velocity, volume of the data under consideration", the consultation paper said. This includes the provision of telecom and Internet services by telecom and Internet service providers (TSPs) as well the other devices, networks, and applications that connect with users through the services offered by TSPs which collect and control user data in that process.

"Why is Trai looking at data protection/usage outside telecom ecosystem?"

Users of telecom services rarely know how much personal data they are sharing, and how valuable that can be for a host of companies. It also sought views on new capabilities to be granted to consumers over the use of personal data. Consumers typically underestimate the value of personal data and the impact of agreeing to share it, while service providers benefit by acquiring and holding such data, it said.

The issue of unsolicited calls and text messages is quite rampant in India, and so the TRAI have had to set up a service where users can report phone numbers and text messages for spam.

What should be the legitimate exceptions to the data protection requirements imposed on TSPs and other providers in the digital ecosystem and how should these be designed?

This controller is also supposed to intimate users and seek their consent when their data is being shared with a third party and also allow them to seek deletion or correction of their personal data if it is inaccurate.

Q. 2 In light of recent advances in technology, what changes, if any, are recommended to the definition of personal data?

Why the app in question has been repeatedly denied to appear on the App Store is somewhat of a mystery, but it is likely that Apple would like to prevent outside groups from gaining influence over how content is filtered on devices. Should the User's consent be taken before sharing his/her personal data for commercial purposes?

An Indian regulatory body has described Apple as "anti-consumer" after the Cupertino company refused to approve a government Do-Not-Disturb app created to block and report unwanted sales calls ...

The TRAI's accusation comes at a time when the Supreme Court of India is debating on whether the Right to Privacy is a fundamental constitutional right for an Indian citizen. "It may create an arbitrage opportunity", COAI's Mathews said.

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