Trump speaks with China's Xi Jinping, other leaders on North Korea threats

War of Words Between Trump and Kim Jong Un

War of Words Between Trump and Kim Jong Un

If North Korea fires missiles deemed to be a threat to Guam, "then it's game on, and we will try and do our best to make sure it does not hit the United States", Mattis said.

Mr Calvo said Mr Trump was being unfairly criticised over his handling of the North Korea crisis, which escalated when Pyongyang announced plans to launch missiles towards Guam in a "crucial warning". "One has to conclude that the modified engines were made in those factories", Elleman said.

"(North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un is a bully with some very strong weapons...

Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo has offered assurances there is "nothing imminent" in the U.S. standoff with nuclear-armed North Korea, but said he will not be surprised if Pyongyang conducts another missile test.

If the USA determines the missile would fall into the sea short of Guam, he said "it becomes an issue we take up however the president chooses".

The U.S. orchestrated the unanimous adoption of the resolution in response to the North's two intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month.

He said the military would "take it out" if a missile was headed for any United States territory.

President Trump has threatened to unleash "fire and fury like the world has never seen" if North Korea continues to threaten the United States.

The top Pentagon official said the USA could assess "within moments" whether a missile was sacked from North Korea and that "we will take it out" in that situation.

"I think he's trying to flex his muscles and intimidate the world and I don't think we should put up with it", said U.S. Army veteran Michael Hintz. "They expand the envelope", he said. But after hearing the plan and considering it, Kim opted not to give the order to launch missiles, and instead "would watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees", the report says.

Rogers and other veterans said they're standing behind President Trump as he fights against Kim Jong-un's threats.

North Korea, according to the director, has been moving at an "ever alarming rate" to develop nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

While seemingly holding off an immediate attack, the North Korean leader is reported to have said that the US was the first to bring nuclear equipment to the region, so it should also be the first to take decisive action if it wishes to prevent a unsafe clash.

But he also made clear that while the military was poised to protect Guam from the North Korean military threat, a declaration of war was a decision that remains with President Donald Trump and Congress. "The Americans and South Korea freeze their military exercises, which are provocative, and North Korea freezes the tests they are conducting, tests which have been condemned by the United Nations".

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