30 injured in train accident in Swiss Alpines, says police

Switzerland Train Crash In Andermatt Injures 30

Switzerland Train Crash In Andermatt Injures 30

Twenty-seven people were injured in an accident involving a train at Andermatt rail station in the canton of Uri on Monday morning.

Details on the severity of injuries are not clear yet, but medical personnel have been seen on the scene.

One hundred people were reportedly on the train at the time.

The accident occurred as a train, run by the Matterhorn-Gotthard rail company, attempted a manoeuvre at Andermatt station.

The crash happened when a locomotive moved back up against the convoy it had just detached itself from, instead of moving via a parallel line.

Spokesman Jan Baerwalde of train service operator Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn said authorities were investigating the cause of the crash.

The cantonal police (Andermatt is in the Uri canton of central Switzerland) confirmed that the accident took place around 11.30am.

It is thought around 100 passengers were on the trains involved.

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