Apple announces Apple Watch Series 3, September 22 release date

Apple Watch 3 release date UK, price and specs: LTE Apple Watch 3 to use the same phone number as iPhone its

Apple Watch 3 release date UK, price and specs: LTE Apple Watch 3 to use the same phone number as iPhone its

Apple stuck to same design for the Series 2 model as the Series 1 model, though it added Global Positioning System and waterproofing to the mix with the newer model and introduced a ceramic model. It also features much more extensive heart care.

It looks like its predecessor but now comes with built-in cellular. It is also swim-proof so that users can use it while surfing or swimming.

But was the move to the Apple Watch 3 as big a leap? When Apple announce that move previous year we thought it was aiming to eat up Fitbit's market share. Siri works faster than ever before. There's an improved heartrate app which now displays your heart rate on the watch face. Size-wise, the device is the same dimensions as the Series 2.

You'll be able to order your Series 3 Apple Watch on September 15, with general availability starting on September 22.

We have come a long way, speculating and shedding light on all the leaks and rumors related to Apple's flagship smartphone.

Plus, it means you can make and receive phone calls and messages: usefully it will share your iPhone's phone number. The knock on LTE-enabled smartwatches are they're even bulkier than regular smartwatches, and suffer from weaker battery life. It doesn't require an iPhone, or even a Wi-Fi network, to function. As mentioned in the keynote, Apple Watch's Heart Rate Sensor is the most used heart rate sensor in the world.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will thus become closer to the serious health-tracking device that Apple marketed the smartwatch as from day one.

One area where many consumers would love to see significant improvement is with regard to the Apple Watch Series 3 battery. Enhancements to the heart monitor include resting heart-rate and recovery heart-rate data capture, as well as proactive notifications if unusual heart rates or heart rhythms are detected.

The watch will notify you if you have an elevated heart rate but you don't appear to be active, for example.

Apple CEO Jeff Williams took to the stage to talk about WatchOS 4, Apple Watch's latest operating system that was unveiled in June.

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