Avril Lavigne rated 'most risky celebrity' online

Dangeroussss. Avril Lavigne tops the list

Dangeroussss. Avril Lavigne tops the list

The survey is meant to highlight the danger of clicking on suspicious links that could potentially expose celebrity's fans to malicious websites and malware. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with how unsafe Avril's fashion sense was in the early 2000's, but rather how frequently searches for her name yield risky results like malicious websites and malware.

Bruno Mars was the second most likely celeb to get your computer in hot water this year.

Apparently, you have about a 14.5% chance of landing on a risky website when searching Lavigne's name, and if you really want to destroy your computer and/or credit score, you can add the words "free mp3" to your search to bump those chances up to 22%.

The company, McAfee, found that Lavigne took the top spot on this year's list.

McAfee had a few suggestions for why Lavigne scored so high on the 11th annual list: Interest after the artist said she's working on a new album, a feature story on her by E! We're not sure, but maybe it has to do with the ongoing internet conspiracy that Avril died and was replaced by an imposter years ago. In 2015, it was Dutch trance DJ van Buuren.

"In today's digital world, we want the latest hit albums, videos, movies and more, immediately available on our devices", said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at McAfee.

'However, consumers need to be aware of the cybersecurity risks of clicking on links that promise the latest content from celebrities, particularly when they're offering free content.

McAfee urged users to look for official sources and use anti-virus software in order to remain safe from malware and other forms of cyber attack. It's also more musician-focused.

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