Best Buy pulls Kaspersky products as Russian spying allegations continue

Report: Best Buy has stopped selling security software from Russian firm

Report: Best Buy has stopped selling security software from Russian firm

In recent months Kaspersky has been targeted by U.S. government efforts to stop its use by government bodies and in sensitive industries such as the energy sector, alleging the company's customer data is vulnerable to being accessed by the Russian government. Kaspersky added that it has had a good relationship with Best Buy and that the current suspension of its products could be re-evaluated in the future.

Best Buy Co, the No1 U.S. electronics retailer, is pulling Kaspersky Lab's cyber security products from its shelves and website, as concerns mount that the Moscow-based firm may be vulnerable to Russian government influence.

While Kaspersky Labs has a positive reputation among its 400 million users and is known as a world-renowned cybersecurity firm, Best Buy heeded congressional warnings.

Best Buy confirmed to the Star-Tribune that it has stopped selling the products, but didn't comment further. The report cited unnamed people familiar with the decision.

Coincidentally or not Kaspersky was at the receiving end of a complaint of collusion with the Russian government and has been removed from the United States governments approved vendors list after concerns were raised that their software could allow the Kremlin access to the U.S. government's secure computer systems.

According to a previous report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had interviewed several USA employees of Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab as part of an agency probe of the company's operations, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Kaspersky said the reported briefings were "extremely disappointing" given that the company is "law-abiding and ethical".

Kaspersky, which has denied ties with any government, confirmed last week the companies had suspended their ties.

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