Canadian Sikh politician deals with Islamophobic woman's racism with love

Jagmeet Singh says Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand Canadians

Jagmeet Singh says Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand Canadians

NDTV reports that Singh is a member of left-leaning New Democratic Party, or NDP, Canada's third largest party.

Singh was speaking to supporters at one of his "JagMeet and Greet" outreach events on Wednesday, when he was accosted by a woman spewing Islamophobic comments. Before he could even start his speech, she aggressively walked up to Singh, introducing herself as Jennifer, a woman and children advocate, and started questioning him about the Muslim brotherhood and the Sharia law.

Singh is the first turban-wearing Sikh to sit as a provincial legislator in Ontario.

The national broadcaster CBC reported that he directly addressed the woman and said, "We welcome you".

"When is your Sharia going to end?"

However, Singh refused to give in to her anger and responded quite calmly. We don't want to be intimidated by hate, we will not let hatred to ruin a positive event... "We love you. We support you". He says, "We believe in love and courage... We know by your votes", she said.

"I'm working on a study right now talking to people who had ran for the nomination of their party and many candidates of colour were somewhat surprised by what a negative experience it was, and so they are thinking twice about whether they want to continue", she said.

The woman continued to interrupt Singh as he tries to check if his mic is working properly; not giving him the chance to speak, as seen on the video captured by local news site Brampton Focus.

"We all know it's not".

Minutes after the woman stormed out, Singh said to the crowd, "You know growing up as a brown-skin, turbaned, bearded man that I've faced things like this before", adding further that "There's going to be other obstacles that we're going to face and we're going to face them with love and courage".

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