Construction cranes collapse in downtown Miami

Video by Kevin Scharfenberg‏, NWS                      Kevin Scharfenberg‏ NWS Miami

Video by Kevin Scharfenberg‏, NWS Kevin Scharfenberg‏ NWS Miami

In other hurricane birth story news, a Miami woman ended up delivering her own baby at home on Sunday, when weather conditions prevented emergency crews from getting to her.

So far no injuries related to the crash have been reported. The building was still in tact despite the crane's failure.

"The arm's counterbalance is very heavy and poses a potential danger if the crane collapses", the statement said.

"All possible preparations and precautions were taken, but we believe that a micro-tornado struck this area, compromising the crane". "We've done it before and we'll do it again".

The second crane collapsed at another site farther north along the water.

The city has contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and neighbours in nearby buildings, Alfonso said.

Whether or not the crane will fall or where it could land remains unknown.

The result is a happy, healthy baby girl that was rushed to the hospital along with her mother as soon as road crews deemed it was safe enough to travel.

One crane collapsed on top of a high rise under construction at 300 Biscayne Boulevard, City of Miami officials tweeted.

"The crane industry opposed it", said Audrey Edmonson, the Miami-Dade County commissioner sponsored the rule.

Here's yet another unintended home delivery, courtesy of Hurricane Irma: A Coral Springs woman ended up giving birth on her bathroom floor.

"In the future there should be an easy way to bring them down in events like this one, " Ape said.

Police and rescue crews evacuated residents of two buildings in Miami, Tuesday, after a crane partially collapsed during Hurricane Irma and has yet to be secured.

An official wind gust reading of 94 miles per hour was recorded at Miami's airport.

Flooding can be seen on Brickell Avenue in Miami, Fla. due to Irma Sunday.

The city and surrounding areas were under a tornado watch September 10.

The city said anyone in buildings in the area facing the crane should "seek shelter" in the opposite side of the building or in a stairwell.

Videos on social media show a battered up South Beach as floodwaters rampaged through the streets, entered businesses and residencies.

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