Facebook testing instant videos for Android app

Facebook testing Instant Videos that download over Wi-Fi

Facebook testing Instant Videos that download over Wi-Fi

The Watch tab features new original content from Facebook's partners and is the company's attempt at becoming a hub for viewing video much like YouTube.

The feature, known as "Instant Videos", downloads videos while on a Wi-Fi connection and later allowing them to watch when on-the-go, or whenever they're without mobile data connection.

It's also possible that, like Instant Articles - the quick-loading news stories that Facebook hosts for publishers - Facebook could be looking for stronger control over its video ecosystem and could grant publishers certain benefits for making videos that fall within its guidelines.

With that having been said I would prefer having a bunch of videos I won't watch downloaded on the office Wifi than using my mobile data to download them as I scroll through my timeline.

So why is Facebook downloading videos that you might not need? Now the social network is looking to do something similar with video content.

A lightning icon indicates that a video is an offline-viewable Instant Video.

Instant Videos appear to serve a few different purposes.

As online video becomes more pervasive in people's media diets, the new Facebook feature may help lure more viewers away from competitors such as YouTube and Twitter.

Facebook is testing pre-loaded videos for its Android app called Instant Videos.

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