Florida air travel shuts down ahead of Hurricane Irma

US airlines brace themselves, passengers for Hurricane Irma

US airlines brace themselves, passengers for Hurricane Irma

Those with flights booked for Monday should check their flight status before heading to the airport.

Further north, at Tampa International officials said early inspections showed minimal damage after the airport sustained winds of up to 52 miles per hour and gusts of 66 miles per hour. All American flights remain canceled through Monday at 12 other Florida airports, as well as Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia.

An Atlanta airport official says there have been around 800 cancellations due to the threat of Irma, which weakened to a tropical storm Monday morning.

The final scheduled flight from Tallahassee International Airport was Sunday evening September 10th, 2017.

Flights from Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale - the 12th, 13th and 21st largest airports in the country - went largely dormant Saturday ahead of the extreme weather. American Airlines have already announced that they are stopping all flights from Florida starting Friday afternoon.

Already, 140 flights in Atlanta had been canceled on Saturday and another 188 for Sunday - though many of those cancellations were on flights to or from Florida.

Delta Air Lines, said Monday that it has canceled about 900 flights, more than a third from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internationa.

Air traffic remains halted at airports across Florida as crews begin to assess the damage Irma left behind over the weekend. Once sustained winds hit 55 miles per hour, aircraft can not take off or land.

Atlanta Airport tweeted this on Monday: "Rain/wind from #irma have arrived". American Airlines said late last week that any timeline for resumption of flights will be governed by not only airport conditions, but also the ability of airport and airline staff to get to work. Residents have been snapping up airline tickets in response, trying to make it out of the southern areas of the state before Irma hits.

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