Governor Rossello: Hurricane Maria 'Greatest Catastrophe in Puerto Rico's Modern History'

In Minnesota Puerto Ricans like Maria Isa are waiting to hear from family members following Hurricane Maria

In Minnesota Puerto Ricans like Maria Isa are waiting to hear from family members following Hurricane Maria

Rosello explained that 1998's Hurricane George caused between $7-8 billion worth of damages to the island, adding that superstorm Maria's figures "will be far above those numbers".

In Puerto Rico, the electric grid was in sorry shape long before Maria struck. Restoration efforts to some critical facilities are underway. Their mission in Puerto Rico will be to go to areas where people are missing and attempt to rescue them.

Rivera praised those in Puerto Rico who helped her and many others to safety in a time of complete chaos.

Northeast Ohioans have lost communication with relatives in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria flooded streets and knocked out power and other utilities on the island.

Democratic Rep. Nydia Velazquez says: "For New Yorkers, Puerto Ricans are family - for some figuratively and, for many of us, literally".

New York-based JetBlue Airways and Dallas/Ft.

But Rydholm acknowledged "it's going to take a while" before people in Puerto Rico will be able to communicate with their families outside the island.

The storm killed at least 25 people, including at least 10 in Puerto Rico, as it churned across the Caribbean, according to officials and media reports. The damage was so extensive, the 64-year-old retiree said, that she didn't think the power would be turned back on until Christmas.

"Maria is a powerful Latina monster and she has come with all her fury", he said.

The entertainer announced the pledge on Sunday at an event describing NY state efforts to aid the hurricane-devastated island.

"Getting home is a lot", Omar Torres said.

An emotional Lopez spoke first in Spanish, talking about how Hurricane Maria has ravaged the island, and calling on everyone to get involved in helping to rebuild.

"Due to connectivity challenges, including air traffic control constraints and lack of power at the airport, operations are limited for all airlines", said American Airlines in a statement.

The dam was cracked but had not burst by late Saturday.

Christina Villalba, an official for the island's emergency management agency, said there is urgency to evacuate the residents to safer ground to prevent casualties.

Fears that the dam would fail prompted the government to evacuate nearby residents.

More than 15 inches (nearly 40 centimeters) of rain from Maria fell on the surrounding mountains. Houston, Miami, Orlando and other airports across the southeastern US have been shuttered as a result of extreme weather causing thousands of flight cancellations and forcing airlines to adapt amidst the cascading disruption. Like Colon, many have strong ties to the island. That brings the total French military presence to 2,000 people. The 27-member team will take a military plane to the US territory and is waiting for details on when their plane will take off.

The Hurricane Center says it was centered about 475 miles (765 kilometers) south-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina before noon Sunday.

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