Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc on flights

Mayor says high winds damage building in Atlanta

Mayor says high winds damage building in Atlanta

Now major US airlines are augmenting their existing services out of the regions that will be most affected by the storm; either adding flights or using larger planes.

Hurricane Irma is expected to reach Florida sometime over the weekend, and with the major storm comes the possibility of major flight disruptions, including at Nashville International Airport where there are daily flights to multiple major Florida airports. The storm is expected to hit Florida over the weekend.

Nearby Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, which also closed ahead of Irma, will also keep its doors shut Monday as it assesses damage and makes any necessary repairs. The airline will charge no more than $99 for direct flights and $159 for connecting flights, including taxes. Airport closures would be impacting American Airlines flights to Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando and Tallahassee through Tuesday. "It was ridiculous. I was standing in line and in an hour, I moved maybe like two feet", said Carriazo.

"When I served Florida as Attorney General, I was proud to pursue price gouging aggressively, before, during, and after hurricanes", he said. "I was expecting to pay $700, not $1,725".

"We did our shutters, and we placed our furniture the way that we think is the appropriate way", she said. She said it's likely that the first ticket was economy on both legs but that the higher price included a flight in pricier business class after economy sold out. FLL urged passengers to contact their airline for current flight status. But companies that choose the second option must override whatever algorithm they use for costs. He said there weren't enough flight attendants or pilots required to fly.

The Silver Star Train 92 and Silver Meteor Train 98 (Miami - New York City) are canceled for September 9-11.

One Delta Air Lines flight from NY to Puerto Rico slipped into San Juan just as Irma was closing in.

Senator Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat who had been pressuring airlines to aid in evacuating Florida residents, spoke with airline executives on Thursday and urged them to add more flight outs of Florida. As of 4:21PM ET, showed just one seat available on JetBlue from Fort Lauderdale to NY over the next couple of days.

Two Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Richard Blumenthal of CT and Edward Markey of MA, asked for a federal investigation.

A Delta-operated flight from NY to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and back, made headlines for narrowly avoiding the storm in a mission to evacuate another plane-full of passengers from the area ahead of Irma's landfall.

Congressman Charlie Crist says he's heard complaints from constituents about price gouging from United Airlines, and he's written a letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao asking her to investigate.

George Hobica, founder of, said that even Wednesday he found some low last-minute fares out of South Florida.

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