Hurricane Irma wrecks Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island home

Richard Branson on Necker Island in the British virgin Islands

Richard Branson on Necker Island in the British virgin Islands

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson posted photos on social media of the destruction that Hurricane Irma left on his private island in the Caribbean, pointing to climate change as a cause of large, unpredictable natural disasters, CNBC reported.

The storm ripped apart the resort while Branson and his team hid in the wine cellar. "But British Virgin Islands Hurricane #Irma story is not about Necker - it is about the tens of thousands of people who have lost their homes and their livelihoods", Richard captioned the post.

"We have seen first-hand just how ferocious and unforgiving this storm was", he added.

Branson is now based in Puerto Rico where he is "mobilising recovery with government and aid agencies" before he heads back to the island to help on the ground.

Branson said the British government had a "massive role to play" in rebuilding its territories, including the British Virgin Islands, an offshore financial center. In 2013, Branson said he moved to Necker out of his love for the Virgin Islands, not for tax reasons. The Virgin founder said he had experienced three hurricanes over 30 years on the island, and planned to wait out Irma since his home was reinforced to withstand high winds.

Writing on his website, he said he has "never seen anything like this hurricane", with doors and windows blown 40 feet away.

British troops and police have been deployed to restore law and order on the British Virgin Islands after reports of looting in the wake of deadly Hurricane Irma, the Defence Secretary has said.

"Necker and the whole area have been completely and utterly devastated".

He wrote in a tweet on Sunday that he was coordinating with families and communities in the British Virgin Islands affected by Irma.

The British Virgin Islands is a self-governing British overseas territory with the Queen as its head of state.

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