Hurricane Jose to turn a half-loop in Atlantic

Low rain chances off-and-on every day starting Tuesday heading into the weekend

Low rain chances off-and-on every day starting Tuesday heading into the weekend

Over the next several days it is expected to weaken slightly as it makes its loop, then gain strength as it sets its sights eastward.

Hurricane Jose continues to spin over the open waters of the Atlantic, and its eventual track remains uncertain. Just about a few hours ago, Hurricane Jose was moving at the speed of 16 miles per hour in a northwest direction and packed winds of 120 mph.

It's now about 430 miles NNE of Grand Turk Island.

Fortunately, over the weekend, Jose only brushed the islands of the Caribbean that had been slammed by Irma, such as Barbuda, Antigua and the Virgin Islands.

"If you hear a rumor, especially on social media, regarding what Jose may or may not do", it said in its morning discussion, check a reliable source, such as Mount Holly or the hurricane center. Where the storm will go from there is hard to predict, but some models suggest it will regain some strength as it moves west-northwest toward the USA beginning Thursday.

Models show a wide range of possibilities, all the way from SC to Newfoundland, or even out to sea. Irma's initial forecasts kept the storm in the Atlantic.

For the European weather model, a recurvature out to sea or a landfall in New England or Canada were the preferred solutions.

"Right now we are still a few days out from that".

Forecasters said with certainty that the storm would generate storm waves and rip currents on coasts of the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas later in the week, according to the Weather Channel.

Given the uncertainty of Jose's track, the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly offers wise advice.

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