Kentucky Air National Guard deploying Airmen to Puerto Rico

"I'm making one of my last phone calls. We're losing signal and we have no electricity

If a poll from early 2017 is to be believed, there are millions of Americans who don't realize that when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it directly impacted American citizens.

Puerto Rico's emergency management agency said Wednesday that 100 percent of the island had lost power, noting that anyone with electricity was using a generator.

Just recently, we shared the uplifting story of a Virgina Beach woman who chartered a plane to save 300 animals from the Carribean Islands after Hurricane Maria wrecked everything in her path.

"The destruction in Puerto Rico is unprecedented and we expect health needs to rise quickly".

"Gov. Rosselló didn't have to ask", Cuomo said at the news conference.

The worry can be seen on the faces of many people in Western New York with relatives living Puerto Rico.

Food shipments that could go direct from Jamaica to Puerto Rico by law must go through "Miami, then back past Jamaica to Puerto Rico", Goodloe told viewers Thursday evening, urging the government to make a new exception to the rules to save time shipping to Puerto Rico. The Coast Guard says the dead man's body was not retrieved.

The names and nationalities of those on board the vessel have not been released.

"We initially got the call - a vessel in distress, a family of four, north of St. Croix, literally in the teeth of a hurricane", said Coast Guard Rear Admiral Peter Brown. But I've been in the Coast Guard for 32 years, and my first tour of duty was actually in Puerto Rico.

Cuomo says NY has the largest Puerto Rican community outside of the island, and many are anxious about their relatives there.

He also wants people outside of Puerto Rico to know that people in his town are okay.

The delegation is delivering a slew of essentials, including large-scale generators that can power hospitals and communication centers, 34,000 bottles of water, almost 10,000 ready-to-eat meals, and thousands of cots, blankets and pillows.

On the island, the damage is major.

The unusually frank exchanges reveal how those in the San Juan office were riding out monster storm Maria - while still providing real-time updates to the public.

Benarroch is working with a group called Marco Patriots, who had already been organizing supply runs to areas in Southwest Florida hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

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