Michael K. Williams Has An Unpopular Opinion About Sean Spicer's Emmys Appearance

Richard Shotwell  Invision  AP

Richard Shotwell Invision AP

Or so Corden wants you to think as he then showed multiple photos of him kissing various celebrities, from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Allison Janney to Bryan Cranston, Daniel Radcliffe and even a couple former members of One Direction. Describing the pol as a "modern day Goebbels" Isaacs knocked Spicer as short and "deeply unattractive, from inside and out", with the "aura of a giant festering abscess". "Strange, since he was so charismatic at the (elevated) podium".

"You are alienating at least 63 million Americans who supported this president last time", she said.

Isaacs wasn't the only person who felt this way.

"I was more anxious about the logistical reactions", Spicer said.

Although Spicer was warmly received by Hollywood stars, many viewers were disheartened at the friendly spectacle.

That brief appearance was not the end of Spicer's involvement at the Emmys (he was approached to do the bit on Tuesday last week). Bustle's Eddie Cepeda wrote that the one-time Trump staffer's appearance showed the Emmys aren't as progressive as the ceremony thinks it is. "But in the spirit of Sean Spicer - no, it isn't", he joked.

Since leaving the White House last month, Spicer has been looking for ways to burnish his image so he can translate his notoriety into speaking engagements, paid television appearances and other gigs that will no doubt be more reputable and lucrative than his job in government or as a Republican National Committee communications director. Did you see the jaws drop on twitter? He's been quoted recently as saying life outside is much more relaxed. These Hollywood phonies kissing up to Sean Spicer are disgusting.

Fans couldn't deny that having it come from the actor who played Lucius Malfoy seemed fitting in some cosmic way. "I'm not one of these people who has a couple of drinks and goes around kissing people I don't know".

Someone else tweeted, "Who knew that Lucius Malfoy would be the voice of reason in all this".

Host Stephen Colbert then joked "Melissa McCarthy everybody".

It turns out, the moment was something Colbert came up with just a few days before the Emmys.

However, Spicer thinks people need to chill out.

The fact that he openly had called out Spicer for aiding Trump's war against the press is clearly not lost on people. They invaded and destroyed a country of 26 million people based on blatant falsehoods and relentless propaganda.

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