NASA to Partner with Russian Federation on Deep Space Gateway Exploration

Russia and USA to build space station in Moon's orbit

Russia and USA to build space station in Moon's orbit

The Deep Space Gateway is a project planned by NASA involving the placement of a space station in lunar space.

Space agencies from Europe, Canada and Japan have been in talks with NASA to contribute to the near-lunar station project DSG but Roscosmos has been staying away from it until now.

NASA offered few other details about the agreement, which was signed at the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

Roscosmos and NASA have released statements saying that the two countries have a shared "common vision for human exploration".

To send humans to Mars, Russia and the United States on Wednesday agreed to cooperate on building the first lunar space station. The project itself is called Deep Space Gateway.

The Russian space agency added the partners intended "to develop global technical standards which will be used later, in particular to create a space station in lunar orbit".

He also said that Russian Federation would build up to three modules and develop standards for a unified docking mechanism for Deep Space Gateway station.

"Roscosmos and Nasa have already agreed on standards for a docking unit of the future station".

Deep Space Gateway could provide a technology to develop bases on the surface of the Moon and Mars.

There isn't much that Russian Federation and the United States agree on these days.

The head of Russia's space agency said in a statement the first modules are projected to be completed between 2024 and 2028.

"Taking into account the country's extensive experience in developing docking units, the station's future elements - as well as standards for life-support systems - will be created using Russian designs".

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