New Apple Park takes centre stage for iPhone's 10th anniversary

Apple Watch Series 3 makes official debut with built-in cellular connectivity

Apple Watch Series 3 makes official debut with built-in cellular connectivity

Apple took a page out of Samsung's book and chose to equip its new iPhone lineup with edge-to-edge displays.

The iPhone X will not have a Touch ID or a Home button. Apple is known to host one of the most flawless events in the past and we can expect the same from this year's as well. As per the report, Apple is likely to upgrade the processor from the A10 chip to the A1.

We don't know if the Home button, or the OLED screen, will make an appearance on the iPhone 8. The sticking point this time is the availability for the top-of-the-line phone.

To celebrate the event, the company will launch the iPhone 8 - but it comes with a hefty price tag.

It's likely to be a special model with a nod to the iPhone's 10th anniversary.

The iOS 11 leak has confirmed you'll be able to unlock your phone just by looking at it. It will come in Black, Silver, Blush Gold and Gold colours, though the front panel is expected to be entirely in black.

According to VentureBeat, Apple is also expected to come up with an update to the Apple TV and a 4K HDR Apple TV version might be on the offer.

In the image it shows a normal Apple Watch but with the same signal bars that you would now find on an iPhone.

One of the Twitter users that has been digging through the iPhone X information is Steve Stroughton-Smith.

Another new feature that seems to be on the way with Apple's iPhone X is something called Animoji, animated 3D emojis for use with iMessage. The control centre has been re-designed with a single page spread and is more customisable.

Apple TV users on 2nd or 3rd generation devices with software 6.2 or later and Apple TV 4th generation users can also stream the event straight on their television screens. Until recently, everyone thought that Apple will unveil the flagship iPhone 8 at the September 12 event alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Rumours suggest these phones will simply be enhanced versions of the current generation, boasting a new dual-camera system, Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the all-new operating system iOS 11. While there are often rumors about what the next iPhone will be like, photo leaks and confirmable details of features are rare.

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