North Korea reportedly fires missile on trajectory toward Japan

Theresa May delivers a statement alongside Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Chequers

Theresa May delivers a statement alongside Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Chequers

"From the the European Union exit negotiation, there has to be transparency and predictability to minimize any damage on businesses", Abe told an audience of Japanese and British executives.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed on Wednesday to seek stronger United Nations resolutions against North Korea following Pyongyang's missile launch a day earlier, a Japanese official said.

Britain wants new United Nations sanctions against North Korea that would target guest workers sent mostly to Russian Federation and China, and whose wages are a source of revenue for Pyongyang.

Tokyo and London also pledged to work with the global community to strictly implement the United Nations Security Council's sanctions on North Korea with a view to bring about its denuclearization, according to the statement.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called Tuesday's missile firing an "unprecedented, grave and serious threat".

"North Korea has demonstrated its capability to hit targets anywhere in Japan including Tokyo and Okinawa", says Narushige Michishita, a national security expert at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. On Tuesday, it fired a missile over Japanese territory.

Trump and Abe committed to increasing pressure on North Korea, and doing their utmost to convince the worldwide community to do the same, the White House added.

Calls for a negative start in Europe come after North Korea took its provocation to a 20 year high by firing a ballistic missile over Japan into the Pacific ocean, undermining USA attempts to bring Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table.

"The DPRK's toughest countermeasures include a warning to Japan going wild, being unaware of its imminent destruction", and blindly following the U.S., it added.

May pointed to the key role that China, the North's chief ally, can play in pushing for change.

He says the North Korean threat toward Guam is more about winning greater freedom of military action than about deterring flyovers of USA bombers or stopping the U.S.

The Prime Minister was asked three times whether the United Kingdom would rule out military action or the use cyber warfare capabilities against North Korea - and three times Mrs May dodged the question, insisting that she would continue to work with worldwide partners.

They include the ship-to-air SM-3 Block IIA jointly developed by the USA and Japan and the surface-to-air PAC-3 MSE.

The two leaders spoke for about 30 minutes on cooperation and ways to strengthen pressure on North Korea bilaterally as well as in conjunction with South Korea, according to Japanese press reports.

Speaking ahead of her arrival, May said she wanted to use her talks with Abe to push progress on an ongoing Japan-EU trade agreement.

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