Now there's an epic Destiny 2 live-action launch trailer

The collectible pin

The collectible pin

As it turns out, he was directing a live-action trailer for Destiny 2, and it looks absolutely insane!

For those in North or South America, you can head over to, complete the quest (you just have to watch the PS Store trailer), and you'll receive a Destiny 2 dynamic theme. In Destiny 2 players will answer this call, embarking on a fresh story filled with new destinations around our solar system to explore, and an expansive amount of activities to discover.

The download size for the pre-load has been confirmed to be just over 32 GB while the full game install stands at 38 GB without any day one patch for it. Bungie hasn't shared any details on a potential day 1 update for the game but don't be surprised to see one as it gets closer to launch. And just like the first Destiny commercial used Led Zeppelin's famous "Immigrant Song", this advertisement uses a signature Beastie Boys song to drive the commercial with the ideal blend of humor and awesome visuals.

Next week, the sequel to the biggest new franchise this generation will hit.

"I really like the mechanics of games", he continued. The rest of the trailer highlights Destiny 2's Cayde-6 as he does his best to rally three Guardians together and prepare them for battle. This represents the world that I love. If you thought it was awful, let us know your true feelings. I'm also proud to have shot so much of this spot practically. combining the incredible work of Legacy FX with the ruins of my home of Detroit. Oh, and that's on top of the fact that we have a Beastie Boys track in this commercial. "I'm glad this thing exists'". This is part of my ever-evolving goal of improving how we translate video games to film. This represents the game that I love.

If you're looking to play Destiny 2 on PC in 4K when it launches on October 24, you'll be able to do so if your rig meets the requirements.

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