Porsche owner shoots homeless man over alleged noise plea

Katie Quackenbush arrested for allegedly shooting a homeless man Gerald Melton in Nashville Tennessee

Katie Quackenbush arrested for allegedly shooting a homeless man Gerald Melton in Nashville Tennessee

Katie Quackenbush, 26, charged tonight with attempted murder for shooting a homeless man near Music Row at 3 a.m. on August 26.

Melton said he asked the driver, Quackenbush, to move the vehicle.

Katie Quackenbush, a single mother to a 5-year-old boy, had driven a friend back to her auto when the women reportedly saw Melton harassing other women in the street nearby, Jesse said.

Jesse Quackenbush claims his daughter escorted her friend to a parked, nearby vehicle-yes, she had her loaded gun on her, but only fired shots after the alleged victim started walking toward her again.

"They quickly got back into the white vehicle and left, not knowing that the man was hit by the warning shots".

A Tennessee woman has been accused of shooting a homeless man who asked her to move her Porsche, WSMV reports.

"She didn't try and kill this guy", he said.

"The driver fired a round as a warning to scare him away as he came at her".

"She did say she closed her eyes when she shot both times, but they were warnings, and she thought she pointed away from him", he added. That's when the young mother stepped out of the auto - gun in hand - and fired two shots at Melton, who was wounded in the exchange.

She was set up for imprison around 6 p.m. Monday and given a $25,000 bond.

When they returned, Quackenbush's friend's auto was surrounded by crime scene tape.

"He comes up to their window and begins shouting in their window different dangers, and something about turning their music down and that he couldn't rest", Jesse said. She snatched her firearm and put a magazine inside.

Jesse Quackenbush, Katie's dad, recounts the narrative of the shooting in an unexpected way.

She discharged two "cautioning shots" and afterward left, in light of the fact that Melton supposedly kept on moving toward the ladies. They later returned to the scene to discover that police were there.

Jesse said his little girl got a lawyer and in the long run handed herself over for addressing by police. "She had an eyewitness in the front seat". Jesse Quackenbush maintains his daughter, who turned herself in for questioning after getting an attorney, shouldn't have been charged.

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