Samsung India Offers Screen Replacements For Rs 990

Negative Chinese Mass Media Coverage of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Negative Chinese Mass Media Coverage of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung says Bixby has been optimised to understand Indian as well accents and will work accurately for most users in the country. The Samsung Bixby voice will let users interact with the assistant via voice commands, similar to how they can do with Google Assistant. Following the update, users will be able to utilize the power of Bixby's voice commands - ask questions or make requests. While Google Assistant can also be used to perform tasks like opening an app, its support for performing tasks within an app is quite rudimentary when compared to Samsung Bixby.

The support for English was released earlier this year in US and then Samsung began a wider rollout of Bixby voice capabilities around the globe last month before the launch of their Galaxy Note8 device.

The Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch display, its signature S Pen stylus and a dual-lens camera setup. But wait, it doesn't seem to be so, anymore, for select Samsung smartphones.

If you are like my friend, who frequently breaks his phone and shell out his savings on repairing the same, this could be a cheap insurance policy to your next smartphone. Samsung adds the voice capabilities for Indian consumers were developed in the company's own Research & Development Institute located in Bangalore. It's a smarter way to use your phone and get more done. "Keeping in mind the diversity in Indian accents and our commitment to "Make for India", Bixby has been optimized to understand Indian accents".

One of the ways in which you can personalize Bixby for your requirements is Quick Commands, which allows you to create custom commands which can be used instead of a sequence of one or more commands. Like for example, If a user clicked a picture and then command Bixby to " Send the picture just taken to Mom".

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